Sunday, April 1, 2007

Our Funky Feng Shui

Ever wonder if the universe is working against you? I do. Like today when I was so sick I couldn't walk up the stairs to change Mason's diaper. Our poor family can't catch a health break. We're so desperate that I've been reading Feng Shui books, hoping somehwere to find a cure. What have I learned? I am the apotheosis of how not to organize a feng shui house. According to Feng Shui it's a wonder any of us have survived this long! The main culprit? CLUTTER.

Turns out that cleaning can increase your freedom and happiness. So, to that end, I've got to spend less time online and more time behind the mop. Blech! If you don't hear from me this week it's because I'm trying to shake up the chi.

On a lighter note, look at this cute baby! We're over the moon about him. He is such a squealer. He's starting to test out his vocal chords and he is loud. Also, this kid has got a tongue, watch out Gene Simmons!

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