Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Trouble Finds Me

Today I found a small parcel on my porch – a gift from my brother. It is a soundtrack to the movie Curious George, but it could just as easily be the soundtrack to my life. Our family immediately rejoiced over our good fortune… a CD that mom loves and the kids do, too. We popped it in for a ride over to the library and I enjoyed watching Cooper in the rearview mirror. He bebopped, snapped his fingers, and kicked his feet to the music the whole way. Brother dear, I really appreciate the CD and the B&N card – you know I’ll put both to good use.

Now for a little comedy relief and a brief look into why this CD is the soundtrack of my life. Track 5, “And the trouble I find is that the trouble finds me.” I found Cooper trying to shave tonight, “Just like daddy.” He smeared cetaphil cream all over his face, and then I caught him -- just in time -- as he held up a razor! I replaced it with this hair clip that was a convincing substitute.

Note to self, son is very tall. Must move everything up, again.

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