Monday, April 23, 2007

Sculpey Saves the Day

We just spent the entire day – and I do mean the ENTIRE day – making and baking sculpey clay creatures. It rained and what better fun on a rainy afternoon than arts and crafts? Especially if I’m your mother.

At first I thought I was the only one having fun. But Cooper and Mason both were busy with their hands. At one point there was paint, clay, and plaster of Paris going!

As I tucked Cooper in (the post fall asleep tuck) I noticed both hands were clenched around two of his favorite creations – a mummy (boy did he think that name was funny) and a duck. We also made guardian turtles for our front porch – per our Feng Shui tip, “Place a turtle near your entrance.”

Dear little Mason was absolutely wild about rolling a lemon from one side of his high chair tray to the other side. When we would take it away he would not whine, but yell at us. Quite hysterical. Cooper thought it was fun to taunt him a little bit, I’ll have to watch that.

One note about Cooper and games: He loves the traditional kid favorites – Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, Jenga. But he’s fascinated by one called Carcassonne. This is a tile laying game in which players use small squares to piece together – or rather develop a French, medieval countryside including roads, fields, cities, and cloisters. Cooper thinks it’s a big puzzle and spent at least an hour today configuring the small farms and forts (also enjoys this word). What’s next, Dungeons and Dragons?

And now a look back -- Mason at 1 day old and Cooper at 1 day old:

Mason, September 2006

Cooper, December 2004

PS -- enjoy the vintage Cooper|Mason featured in today's photos? we're going vintage all week this week!

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