Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Spoils of Spring

On Wednesday we went to the zoo. Cooper’s favorite moment was probably the cement mixer that was parked outside the fish and snake house. The driver of the truck waved and even honked at Cooper. Big day!

After a fun time at the zoo Mason, Cooper, and I went to a mom-kid potluck dinner in the neighborhood. Was a strange mix of older kids and babies. I don’t think Cooper really found his place; he came into the house (the kids were playing outside) and asked to stay with me. Then he moseyed over to the host’s toy basket and found a puzzle. Much happier to play with the puzzle than the 7 yols.

But all the activity wiped him out. When we settled in for dino-smoke, Cooper actually nestled himself into a ball and fell asleep. The treatment went fairly smoothly – as you can imagine. [pictured]
Mason, on the other hand, stayed up until 10 p.m. I guess I shouldn’t have let him sleep at the party.

Then today, Cooper and I have been eating these giant strawberries. They are so delicious.
Cooper holds them by the “handle” and eats every bit but the green.
Mason is jealous, I can tell. I don’t dare give him berries, yet.

We also didn’t let Mason hang out with us while we played in the front yard. Poor Mason, just too little. Cooper and I dug up some big rocks to fill in the rabbit hole opening to the warren I am certain is hiding under our porch. We also tried to beautify the walkway up to our front door – good ‘ol Feng Shui effort to improve our entryway.

While Mason was hanging out with Daddy, Cooper and I built this replica of Crew’s, Grandpa’s arena.
Ya like?

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