Saturday, April 21, 2007

It's all nude to me

Today we had a photo shoot.
It was just the boys, and me; so the pictures are all mom and sons, mom and baby, mom and toddler type pics. I've seen some of them (through the magic of digi camera proofs) and I know I'll be purchasing quite a few. Mason was nude in all of them! Looked so cute and chubby. I wish I had known this photographer when Cooper was this age.
During the shoot Mason peed on me. It was gross, but cute. He couldn't help himself.
Last night, in preparation for the pictures, I gave Cooper a haircut. He was pretty good, so the cut is mediocre. Sometimes I feel like I'm shearing a sheep when I try to cut his hair.

Cooper has turned into a little motor mouth. He's coming out of some kind of shell. It's amazing to see him feel more confident. He's a little babblefish, however, and it can be exhausting. I just about had an exorcist mom moment yesterday. I wanted to take a nap so I needed him to take a nap, but he couldn't stop talking. The other unusual feature about his new talkativeness is that he hasn't learned any degree of volume control. He says everything at the top of his lungs.
By the time Cooper fell asleep for his nap, I wasn’t sleepy anymore.

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