Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Gun Debate

OK... so I'll admit it, guns give me the heebie-jeebies. [Frank forgive me.] I'll never be a card carrying member of the NRA and I have yet to buy an actual toy gun of any type for my boys. But tonight, Cooper showed me it just doesn't really matter.
While looking through a sticker book about emergency vehicles and response teams he came across a sticker of a hand gun and picked it out to place on the page. I was curious what Cooper thought about this, so this discussion took place:

Mom: Cooper, what is that?

Coop: [smiles] then holds up the sticker, points it and proceeds to make gun noises

Mom: [thinking to self, when has he seen a gun... probably TV... gotta stop watching CSI when he is in the room] Who uses guns?

Coop: Daddy

Mom: [thinking maybe he just thinks men in general use guns] Daddy doesn't have a gun. Do you know what a police man is?

Coop: Yes [points to sticker of police man with police dog]

Mom: How do you know what a gun says?

Coop: does NOT care to answer question, just continues with the gun -- very realistic by the way -- noises

And so you see... I can avoid the issue or have Cooper (and Mason) show me that eventually we all stare down the barrel. What now?

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