Saturday, April 14, 2007

Peaceful weather, finally

So today was fabulous weather. Lots of sunshine and the temps almost hit 60 degrees. After all the snow it was nice to thaw out. Got me thinking about all the Feng Shui I want to do to the yard.

Our family had a surprise visitor today -- Jennifer Something-Or-Other. She's a distant cousin and somehow my mother talked her into delivering a Baskin-Robbins cake to our front door. I can't imagine the sob story she told to pull this off. Anyway, much appreciated. I haven't eaten any, yet. Waiting for my birthday.

Steve took me and the boys to lunch today. We parted ways this afternoon and Steve went with some buddies to a charity poker event. That's not to say that the organizers think Steve is such a novice that they can literally take money from him. But it is an actual charitable event in which poker is the draw.

Cooper, Mason, and I headed down to the Castle Rock outlet mall because it's an outdoor mall and I wanted to walk around a little bit. We walked all over and only bought a stainless steel pepper mill and salt shaker set. I've been waiting to buy the set until I actually needed it. The mill and shaker set we have was given to us as a wedding present and I am sad to report (but secretly happy) that it finally broke. Mom, you'll have to tell Davis' that the wedding gift they gave us has finally met its end and we got 7 very useful years out of it.

And now for the real reason that you all check the blog... PICTURES of the kids.

Mason is doing a fantastic job sitting up. You may think he's just doing the lean. But I've selected two pictures that show how much his balance, and neck mobility have improved. He can turn and look at you if you're behind him and still keep his balance. This is major progress for any baby, but especially Mas.

Cooper is absolutely in love with the movie James and the Giant Peach. We checked it out from the library a couple of days ago and it will be sad when we have to take it back. He calls it, "James and the BIG Peach!" I think he's drawn to all the big bugs in it. He has no idea what a peach is and when he sees it in the movie calls it an apple. We're looking forward to our Utah trip this summer because we will be sure to find him a Utah peach to enjoy. Here's a photo of him mezmorized by the movie.

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