Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Biter Biscuit Review

The first time I tasted a Biter Biscuit, days ago, I was amazed. It was from the local King Supers, located in the suburb of Lone Tree, just south of the very beautiful city of Denver.

How could a region that's so homogenous produce such a crisp, vibrant teething biscuit, without a trace of sweetness? The judicious addition of wheat, sugar, whey, and molasses just before individual packaging allows it to integrate properly into the finished baby snack.

Gerber, along with other producers such as Beechnut and Earth’s Best, makes riveting finger foods for any discerning infant. As you can see from the photos I was quite impressed with the excellent example of the wholesome snack designed to teach me to feed myself. I’ve been told veggie puffs are even better, with more sweet potatoes and a lingering dry finish. I plan to pair those with zwieback toast next week. Stay tuned for a spellbinding review.

Food Critic at Large, Mason James
PS -- recently heard one of my uncles described as, "Mellow and laid back, slow to anger.... but when he does, watch out!" and I couldn't describe myself more acurately.

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