Monday, April 9, 2007

Sweet Potato James

Mason is starting to try out all the fun solid food combinations that come in jars. Yum yum. We’re using Earth’s Best this time around because at the end of the day, it was the brand that Cooper liked the best. Plus, I have steroid paranoia.

Mason's absolute favorite is Sweet Potatoes, followed by Apples and Blueberries (mixed).

The baby’s routine is starting to iron itself out. For a while there he was on strike. Milk strike, nap strike, exercise strike. But now he’s a willing participant in just about anything. Today we went to the library. Those librarians are patient – even when Mason was gumming the board books.

Cooper picked out Trashy Town, again. But I also talked him into Circus Train and an I SPY book. I picked up another Feng Shui book and something about getting your house organized. Then we came home and while Mason took a big nap, Cooper and I worked in the yard.

We piled so many rocks in the wheelbarrow that the tire went flat. Then we lined our entry sidewalk with the quartz rocks that were scattered around the yard. It looks very nice and creates a nice path for the ch’i to make it to our front door.

Speaking of great ch’i results, our neighbor brought us a bouquet of fresh flowers. This was a gift to thank us for making them candy over the winter when The Judge (as we like to call him) had a neck fusion. The flowers were gorgeous and we promptly put them in a crystal vase and placed the vase directly in the center of our dinning room table. Our dining room table is smack in the middle of our relationship/marriage gua. Wouldn’t you know it, Steve cleaned up after dinner tonight. Could it be the Feng Shui?

PS -- same PJs, different kid

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