Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Caddy’s Place

What gift do you think a good caddy has that separates them from the others? It's the gift of anticipation.

A good caddy knows when a golfer will be frustrated and the calming anecdote is ready. He knows what to suggest before the golfer knows it himself.

Steve met a good caddy in California. He was better than good; you might say he was the best. Craig the caddy was the perfect help in finding a final resting place for a 60-degree wedge that chipped its last despicable chip.

You’ve probably heard Steve complain about this particular wedge ever since winning it at a tournament in Indianapolis. After seeing Steve use it the caddy waitied for his opening and then when Steve exclaimed, “This wedge has gotta go!” Craig calmly said, “I’ve got just the spot.” The wedge’s final resting place? A patch of the Pacific Ocean within pitching distance of the 7th green at Pebble Beach.

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