Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Shirt Says It All

Have you ever noticed the grungus on the front of most baby swings? I try to avoid touching any part of it. But my boys have a love affair with swings.

I have traveled more than 30 miles to scout out the best playgrounds in the Metro and South Suburban areas for my sons and as soon as we step foot on the woodchips Coop says, "I wanna swing." Mason loves them, too. No more, we're going to stick with our neighborhood park until we outgrow the swing stage.

Is anyone else concerned that Cooper is nearly inverted in the swing and Steve is gazing off into the distance?

Nothing like a cherry limeade and tater tots to cap off a wonderful day at the park. Here's the fam at Sonic enjoying the fantastic weather.

Funny story, we took the kids out of the car -- even woke up Mason to do it -- thinking that we could go into the restaurant. Nope. Sonic is kinda a drive-up only business. We could have stayed in the car! Doh.

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