Sunday, April 22, 2007

Monkey see, puppy do

I can already see that my puppy will do everything his monkey of a brother will do...

Mason watches everything his brother does. And we're already seeing him try to do, touch, play, look at, mimic what Cooper does. It's wonderful. We're glad that Cooper is a good example -- for the most part.

Tonight we had a friend in town. It was such a delight to have him in town, again. He is always the perfect guest and so sweet and gracious. We only wish we saw more of him, and his lovely family. He treated us to a fabulous dinner. Here is where I will brag about my kids: They were wonderful. The restaurant was just fancy enough that I was concerned about taking the kids. But Cooper sat in his booster chair, at the table the entire time. He ate his dinner and he didn't complain or whine. He was frighteningly quiet! Mason was good, as well. He even attracted a couple waitresses to our table who gushed over him. I was so proud of both of them.

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