Thursday, April 19, 2007


OK… somebody stop me! I left him for less than 60 seconds and look what happened.

Feeding two boys lunch – different lunches – is a bit of a challenge. Managed to do it but a full belly always knocks Mason out. To avoid total chaos I gave Cooper a few pieces of old paper and a couple of markers. I marched upstairs to lay Mas down for his nap. Returned instantly – that’s a whole other story – and found Coop sacked out!

So let’s discuss my fears for the unattended. Please note post from yesterday. Cooper was teetering in a counter-height stool – though strapped in a booster seat – trying to drink from a cup he was holding between his feet. Today, I left him with at least 10 Sharpies (again with the indelible ink – what is my problem). And all this in the face of the destruction I know is just broiling below the surface.

My neighbor, who has four girls under the age of 9, has recounted many a story to me. Most ending in, “and I found all of them head to toe in _________.” Fill in the blank. It’s usually something like Desitin, ketchup, peat moss, etc. Oh and don’t leave out the freshly painted walls, stainless steel fridge, plush carpet, newly refinished hard wood floors. There’s usually some kind of modifier in there pertaining to those amenities, as well. Poor lady. Given that she’s Catholic, very very very nice and charitable, organized beyond what should be allowed by law, beautiful and skinny, and speaks at least 2 languages… I’m waiting to hear from the Pope that she has transcended into Heaven.

But it is because of her and her stories that I’m always rushing back to the room I’ve just left one of the boys in. And usually in cold sweat with gurgling ulcer because I’m having visions of indelible ink.

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