Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Beauty is a Biotch

Ahhhhh, a rose. So magnificent, so captivating... so diva! The rose is in full revolt. That tempermental little biotch isn't taking kindly the news that I've found her a new home. Those grand dames are never pleased to leave the lime light. But when you don't perform... It's straight to the back yard with you.

Sometimes the sun stops shining on your stage and you are forced to persue new venue. It's not like you're Dame Joan Sutherland.

I was warned that a move would be met with opposition. I just didn't realize she'd rather die than reach her full potential. I'm telling you the instant I started digging her up she started to wilt. And even with the most nurturing of transports she is looking pretty sick. Sourpuss.

At one point I actually started talking to her. "Let go," I whispered as I tugged at the whispery fine roots entwined in the sacred dirt of the showcase flowerbed up front. But rather than unfurling in consent, I swear they tightened their grip. And so with a swift tug I ripped her out of the bed and rushed her to a new home chanting, "Don't hate me. It's for the best."

To add insult to injury I planted a flower I have pined for in her spot. Though it's against my better judgement I planted a dream I've carried across years and oceans -- the hydrangea. The new star will probably die. Because they are just obstinate.

But I have hope for my old rose. Come on old girl. I promise, it is for the best.


Glenda said...

Lovely. I love hydrangea...never dared attempt one here in windy Idaho. Sometimes I have bad luck transplanting from pot to earth, so I wouldn't dare move a rose bush. Good luck with that one.

Claudia said...

Sad for the rose, but yay for the hydrangea! I love em! Good luck, but I'm sure everything will work do amazing things with those creative hands of yours. Whether sewing/quilting, childrearing, or gardening, and I'm sure a plethera of other things, you've got it all under control!

grandma GiGI said...

Well, at least your transplanted roses bloom. Mine have just barely started to bud in tiny tight buds, will they ever bloom? It's been so cold and rainy here today I doubt it.

The Martell Family said...

Perhaps you can give me some gardening tips - never been one, but would like to be. Now that I am home from Dubai and my sister-in-law has planted perennials in my absence, I better learn! It was SO good to see you guys at Tate's party!

laurel said...

I love hydrangea. Good luck with the rose....don't give it up fro dead yet. Maybe after it goes dormant in the winter, next Spring it will surprise you.