Saturday, June 14, 2008


Isn't she a beauty. As we all are, at 21. In a few days she'll be nostalgic for that tight, unblemished bud, and her long, firm stem. But for now, she basks in the sun ignorant to the spots and wilting it will create. And while she's probably wincing every time she catches a glimpse of those thorns in the mirror, they're really not that bad.

I could cut her now. Toss her in a crystal vase and prop her up in the middle of the dining room -- a real showcase. But truthfully, she outshines her neighbors in the front yard, so might as well let her enjoy being the belle of the bed. Besides, there is a certain charm that comes with age. We'll reminisce her fresh, pink next week. But we'll adore her full ruffles and count her many petals, which are opening and revealing more and more loveliness as the days creep along.

PS -- I think the neighbors are concerned that I take more pictures of my flowers than my children.


Anita and Erik said...

You crack me up!

laurel said...

Love it!!! My peonie's just bloomed today. We are about 2 weeks behind normal. Man I have been waiting for them. So glad we share in our garden gladness.

Elle said...

All your postings about plants has inspired me to try out my green thumb. I actually bought 4 packets of lavender seeds from Target yesterday. Now I just have to figure out where I should plant them. All I have to do is plant the seeds about 1/2 inch deep, right? Then let nature take it's course? I'm just going to plant them right in the ground around the house where we have some dirt. Am I waaay off here?

lynnie said...

Could you please write my down thoughts for me? You have such a way with the written word!!!! I posted a picture of my flowers....and the only thing I could think of saying was
"I love Flowers..they smell good!" hee hee

meg han said...

I LOVE roses! This one is gorgeous. There is nothing in the world like smelling fresh roses. I can only imagine how sweet she smells!

Glenda said...

I think you might be able to sell that photo.
For gardening bragging rights, I came home after being gone for 36 hours and found that my burgandy clematis had bloomed. I picked this flower color to compliment my brick...and it does!
Last week we had two days of it is 80 deg!