Monday, June 9, 2008

Waiting for the Blossom to Drop

I am one of those people who has a genuine problem with confidence. The problem is I either have WAY too much, or not enough. As a mother, I'm not very confident. As a seamstress, I'm a little too confident for my own good. As a gardener I'm enthusiastic, but I expect the very worst. So, while I've read and researched every vegetable growing book I can get my hands on I've watched and monitored the progress of my two tomato plants. Two. That's right. I've done more reading on these two little suckers than I did in all my research for my senior term paper.

I noticed two blossoms on specimen A (placed on the south side of the house) about a week ago. Then we had a a cold couple of nights and days and I thought the blossoms would drop. But, guess what!?!?!? They are still there. Specimen B is planted on the west side of the house and it has two little pods that look like they could become blossoms, but I'm trying to not get too excited.

The rest of the yard is creeping along. Well, except for the oregano. I would say that I need to find a really great spaghetti recipe that calls for lots of oregano because it's getting leggy. But the truth of the matter is I didn't really plant my herbs to eat them. I planted them so I could use these way cool tin label stakes. (Seriously, I'm that shallow.)
The true showboat of the yard these days are the nearly wild roses out front (the ones on the side are lagging behind).


Claudia said...

Okay, so you said that you vary in your confidence levels based on activity/pursuit, but seriously, is there anything that you AREN'T good at?

Glenda said...

So, blossoms on Tomatoes....I think mine froze 2 nights ago. The little leaves are black and curling...Hopefully, they will pull out of it, but I won't see any blossoms on them for a long, long time...and just about the time there gets to be fruit, it will freeze again. The agony of Idaho gardening.
The roses are wonderful.

Anita and Erik said...

That first yellow flower reminds me of the edible one in your martini the other night. Are you gonna try it out?

Rachel said...

Planting something to use the tin stakes is totally something I would do.

laurel said...

I love it! So great~~~~ You know how I feel about yards and flowers. Glad I have you, who understands the gardening passion thing.