Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Parenting Styles

In reviewing pictures from a recent outing I have learned a little about my parenting style. I love to scare my children. In contrast, the friends who were with us are so sweet and gentle with their adorable kids. Check these pictures out...

So the idea is you set your children up in front of an Avalanche and want them tremble with anticipation. (Note: Mason is about to pee his pants and is actually hanging on to involved parts.)

When stuffed bear -- which is hiding in cave -- suddenly growls and scares the pants off your little one you laugh hysterically.

Mason doing a little terrorizing of his own.

The peaceful, loving family shown here encouraging each other to play a civilized game of put-put. (Note: Our terrible, kid-scaring selves are actually off scaring our kids.)

Oh wait! We're not mean ALL the time. Phew, I was beginning to worry.


miniaturequilter said...

I love reading your blog and your honesty. I come from a family of adgitators, my dad did it it us, we did it to our siblings growing up, but I have learned what you do to you kids they will do back to you. I have 2 older boys and a toddler-we do not teach him our ways, I want a nice calm toddler instead of a little wild thing. I'm getting old!!!

Claudia said...

You take your kids to the funnest places. As for the scaring...maybe it's a family thing. Adam likes to see me scared (i.e. he has actually freaked me out by simulating a spider crawling on my head, and then proceeded to laugh his pants off). I can only imagine what he'll do to our kids.

laurel said...

We laugh over a good scare too...I even laughed (just a wee bit to much) over the "toe". Ya know you got to laugh or it would all get you. Man...Steve is tan!

Elle said...

Okay, we must have put on a good act because Bill and I like to scare our kids too. They are just sooooo cute! Mason was just adorable with the whole bear incident and I was laughing along side you, taking pictures of the poor little cutie crying. One day our kids are going to try to scare us and say things like "I think you are ready for a nursing home!" Ha ha ha!