Thursday, June 26, 2008

Up All Night

My little guy is a night owl. I've tried everything to break his bad habits. He is content to sit in his crib and read books until as late as midnight [last night]. I snuck the camera in through a crack in the door for this photo because I knew if he saw me it would be another 2 hours before he would conk out.

While his in bed one of favorite activities is to take old sticker books and take all the stickers out, stick the stickers to himself, and then restick in the stickers into the book. He's picture here with one of his favorites -- a book that features stickers of Disney characters like Woody and Buzz.

I always wait for him to fall asleep before falling asleep myself. As I wait usually blog (except lately) or sew.


Glenda said...

What a cute curious george quilt

Anonymous said...

This is off the subject, but I have to say I have noticed your kids have the cutest PJ's, they must have a stack of them! every pic in PJ's shows them in different ones!

Elle said...

Every thing is color coordinated! From the crib sheet, to the shirt, to the sticker book! Did you do that on purpose? ;)

laurel said...

He is related to Maylin. She (the last month) won't go to bed before 11:30. I don't know what it is. Drives me crazy. At least he stays in his bed. She runs around in the house in the dark.