Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Tonight Mason used the toilet! I'm not kidding.
I'm not a very dilligent potty trainer. I'm lazy. I'm a germophobe (I loathe the idea of my little kiddies using public toilets). And I like keeping them babies as long as is prudent.
But at 18 months I start asking if they want to go on the toilet. I only ask once a day, at bedtime, after I take off a diaper, but before I put another one on. Mason usually says, "mmmmhmmm." (Yes.) I always let him sit on it but nothing has ever happened. Tonight I even walked away to grab a clean set of pajamas and had to run back in when I heard a tinkle-tinkle.
Woot-Woot! His reward? A piece of candy left over in his Easter basket and princess pull-ups (don't even ask).
But before I get ahead of myself. He's not really ready to do this for real. He never wakes up dry.

PHOTO NOTE: Picture of Mason with his daddy from this past weekend.

PS -- I planted about 30 verbena plants tonight. My neighbor gave them to me and they were looking quite dry and shriveled. (Guess she knew I was a sucker and would try to nurse them back to health.) I plopped some in the hanging baskets that are lagging behind the others then I also planted them as a border along the north side of my front porch. I even planted a few on top of the spring bulbs that are finished for the year. I'll post pictures if they snap out of it.


Elle said...

Oh my goodness! How awesome! Hopefully, that little reward will keep him motivated.

Rachel said...

Yeah Mason! That would be so exciting to know that your almost all done whipping bums. I've just got started.

torrent said...

He didn't wake up dry? I didn't wake up dry for like 14 years.

HoopChicks said...

hey coop is having such a fun time here he is so cute i just want to adopt him!

miniaturequilter said...

We are potty training here too, looking forward to saving a ton of money on diapers and wipes!