Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Can Cooper Play?

This little girl lives across the street. She's a bit older than Cooper (you know how he feels about older women) and also a Star Wars aficionado. Their most recent playdate included watching Star Wars together while eating popcorn and wearing Darth Vader masks.

She has come over every evening to ask if Cooper can play. Tonight she was so desperate for her playmate that she stayed and played with Mason. (He didn't take to being the consolation prize and kinda gave her strange looks all night.)

Dear Cooper, the ladies are missing you... especially your mamma.


kirkzanne said...

But he is really causing a stir in that part of the world. They are having a great time and I'm hearing all sorts of funny stories. I think he'll have a few more 'older women' to add to his harem after this week!!

lynnie said...

I know why you are missing him! He is so full of life, and hilarious!!!!! Last night he had to have a bowl of cereal at 11:00, because he was " really, really hungry"......oops I hope that isn't past his bedtime!!!!

laurel said...

HOw cute! What are you going to do when he is 16?