Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dirty Laundry

Recently Coop traveled with his dad to Utah for a vacation. He left on a Monday and returned late the following Sunday. He had a fan-tas-tic time. Seriously, he is still talking about his various adventures.

In preparation for his trip I packed 8 pairs of underwear for him. I finally got around to unpacking the suitcase from the trip. I found 5 little pairs of CLEAN underwear. That means he didn't change his shorts too often.

Does this bother me?

PHOTO NOTE: Picture of Cooper in his newest costume acquisition.


laurel said...

He looks so cute. Get use to the underwear dilemma. With boys the lack of changing goes on a long time. About the bite mark, if it is bruise black that is fine. The black of a dead body part is REALLY black, it almost looks like you could wash it off since it is the skin, but you can't. I think you are fine.

Glenda said...

Who has a bite?
Did that hippo bite someone?

Rachel said...

Coopers face is so serious in that costume. Is he in character?