Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hard Headed, II

At any rate, he’s figured out the bell. Never mind the idea that forward momentum is a direct result of putting your feet to the pedals and pushing. You know, effort?!?!?!?

In absolute contrast, Cooper is racing all over the place on his bike. I believe we know what Christmas will look like at our house. Bigger bike?

PS – This great bike (that Cooper is on) was a hand-me-down. (Do you remember when Cooper first started riding it?) We love it and have been so grateful for it. If Mason ever catches on to the concept, he’ll ride it too. What a blessing.

1 comment:

Glenda said...

Aren't hand-me-downs wonderful?
I still love them...
The boys are so darling. I love that they are so close in age that they can do the same things together.