Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Raw weather is all about the layers. More specifically it takes three times as long to assemble and put on the stratum of clothing required to endure the snowy cold than you – or your children – will spend playing in it.

But it’s a must.

So are playful pictures of said children in said layers.

PS – Speaking of layers, we need gloves. Our kids grew out of the ones from last year. Go figure!

PHOTO NOTE: Picture of tricycle shows how much snow fell in just a few hours. Look at tires to see the difference.


Adamo said...

That is some crazy snow! Love the pics of Mas. The last one reminds me of Randy in 'A Christmas Story'...I can't move my arms!

bryant said... are the funniest little guy! I am sooo.oooo grateful we don't have snow.