Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wood: A Vote

As many of you know, we're remodeling. Yummy.

I love shopping for the raw materials. It's the work that scares me. And the part where I fear the project will go on and on and on and on...

We're doing some things in two of our bathrooms. I'm worried about the cabinets. We have oak cabinets with a decided farm-style in the kitchen. The powder room has no cabinets but the wood in there is a teak stained espresso. And now we come to the other bathrooms and I'm wondering what to put in there.

Does anyone out there have an opinion about mixing woods in a house? Does it bug you to see oak in one room, then alder in another? What about paint-grade white cabinets?

Wonderfully Worried


T.Tonn said...

I have heard, and also agree, that if you cannot see the room from the main room you are safe. So, kitchen and two baths has creative freedom written all over it. :) There might be something about having all the same wood on the same floor level, though. Not really sure on that one.

Rachel said...

Good luck sister. I don't mind seeing different materials. Just be careful how and where you make the changes. My designers do it all the time. I think using the same wood all over is the easy way out.

laurel said...

I love mixed woods. I have alder cabnits in my dining room and a then Brazilian Cherry floor. I love it. Mix it up babe. Hey, if you are home, you never came to get your jam.

grandma GiGI said...

I plead "no vote". I guess I'm the wrong one to ask. I've got light wood in my kitchen cabinets and dark wood in the dining room. I thought it was Ok, but since reading your blog I'm not sure!