Saturday, October 3, 2009

I Might Have Freaked

Have you ever lost your kid? Just admit it.

I have lost one or the other kid for a moment or two many times. I lost Cooper once when he was about 18 months old. We were in a huge sporting good store looking for snow boots for him and then he was gone. The store was a zoo -- people everywhere. Crazed fans, no less. Some kind of event with the Broncos cheerleaders. And that my friends is where I found him, checking out the hotties in the ass-less pants.

But anyway, some of my very worst mother moments have been in fabric stores. And I have another one to add to the list (maybe I should just stop going to them). Remember Cooper's first field trip? On that very day I made my kids go to a fabric store. Not just any fabric store, but my favorite, gigantic, warehouse style, wannabe Mood, fabric store. Both kids were pleasant and honestly they know the drill at fabric stores. They absolutely will NOT get my undivided attention, so they don't even ask for it.

The two of them were trailing me. I could hear them playing at my feet as I flipped through samples and remnants. Then all of the sudden Cooper poked his head out from under the table and said, "Where Mason?" Where's Mason indeed! I wandered around the store calling his name. I was calm. Then I figured I'd made a full circle of the store and hadn't seen or heard him. So, Cooper started yelling his name and I posted myself at the exits. Nothing.

Then I started to sweat. We had just had some other weird stuff happen in our family and so I think I might have been a little extra sensitive. But I genuinely went into overdrive. Every little blue hair in there knew I was looking for my kid. They announced it over the intercom, I started crawling on the floor. And then...

One of the little worker bees came out of the back and sweetly said, "I found him." I followed her to the back of the store, and there he was, sound asleep. He slept so hard that I was able to pick him up, sit him in the cart, place a fat chunk of fabric under his head and he continued to sleep for another hour! (Do I shop too much?)

It's OK to freak. I freaked. I found him. But I freaked, first.


laurel said...

That is so scary. I would be in a panic too. Wow.

Katlyn said...

I haven't experienced that yet but Im sure it's in my near future. I gave you a blog award btw.

Angenette said...

holy tamales! scary!
My girls love to play hida and go seek in stores, which is why I'd rather wear my nieces' hand-me-downs than shop with the girls.

Elle said...

This is why I never criticize moms who have their kids on a leash. Have you ever seen them? You can get ones where the kids wear backpacks, and there's this short leash that the moms hold onto. I need one of those. We are planning to go to Disney World next year and I'm scared to death I'm going to lose one of them.