Saturday, October 10, 2009

It Snowed

Despite my efforts -- sheets covering the most delicate specimens -- the fight to keep my flowers blooming is over with the first official snow. But the pictures of daggars of snow plunging down in front of the fall display on my porch delight me. Look at those pumpkins nestled under the blossoms of summer. They are ready to puff out their chests and announce, "Your day is done. Shrink back and we'll see you next spring. Today is mine!"

If you're fortunate enough to have a bit of earth to call your own, make the most of it.


Glenda said...

That is a really beautiful pumpkin. I grew many this year and they are decorating the inside and outside of my home. I will take some pictures so the boys can see. I tried to save my flowers too, hauled them into the garage and watered them for weeks hoping to pull them out someday, but it has been two straight weeks of below freezing nights, so I am giving up. They are done for!

laurel said...

Ugh....snow. I am sad to see fall leave. Love the pumpkins! We grew some too.

I would love to trade jam jars with you!