Thursday, October 1, 2009

Showers are Safer

I have some mildly interesting news. And since Mason has taken it upon himself to tell everyone -- including our pediatrician -- I'll let him take it away.

"He (cooper) was grabbing the soap and he felled and then he bonked his chin, and then it bleeded. It was so gross."

You heard him right. Cooper fell in the bathtub and had his first run to the E.R. for stitches (we've had a few other events but none so messy). And here's where I start bragging a little bit. In a moment of horrendous timing, I put the kids in the bathtub at the very moment Steve left to go grocery shopping. So, I was alone when the mayhem got under way.

Like a million other kids his little chin smacked on the edge of the tub so hard he got an impact laceration. Which is a boring way of saying, with a sickening crack Coop's chin split open and instantly looked like an exploded hot dog. Makes you wanna bun, huh?

From what I understand, this is really a right of passage for something like 99 percent of males. So, here we are. He's ready to be a stud. I have been somewhat confused on how many stitches were in there. I originally thought 10, when I finally got a look at it I thought it was 8. The pediatrician took out 7. And then I noticed another little bit of blue thread wriggle out when I was cleaning it today. So, not entirely sure.

Look closely and you can see the scruffs of his stitches in this photo. And that my friends will probably be the last time you see any sign of injury there because the sewing was quite good.


Ryan and Andrea said...

That happened to me when Austin was a month old. Ryan was in Scouts & I couldn't get a hold of him so I called my neighbor & took Brooklyn to the ER.

Where are men when we really need them?

Claudia said...

Remember, pain is momentary, and chicks dig scars. Except it sounds like you may not have a scar. But if you do, just give everyone the Indiana Jones explanation--you were using a whip to keep a lion back after you fell into the big cat car on a circus train. It worked for Adam a couple of times--I'm sure it could work for you too!

laurel said...

Poor baby. Lots of kisses to Coop.

Cover anything you want to keep. Cover it with plastic, towels, sheets, blankets, garbage bags, whatever. Uncover in the morning.

Katlyn said...

I must say - you are the best blog writer!