Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Retrospective Sympathetic Affections

Look the other way if you're not in the mood for heartfelt gratitude.

I must acknowledge the efforts of a young mother I know. She saved her baby's life. In fact, she reached beyond death and said, No. Not yet. Then breathed life back into him.

I am grateful that rather than crumbling in the horror of the moment, her instincts led her to find him in that pool. I am thankful that she set pride aside and frantically begged and pleaded for people to help her.

It is with tender thanks that I praise her vigilance at his side. She was there for him when he lay on the concrete with others breathing for him, then prayed over his gurney in the helicopter, and then next to his bedside until he miraculously opened his eyes and recognized her.

Lana, the miracle of your motherhood is an amazing thing.