Thursday, August 13, 2009

Waterlogged, II

There is something about summer than drains my creativity. So, I've been looking back. I thought that if I looked back at what we were doing last year at this time I would be renewed with artisitc energy. In case you're wondering, no.

But it is amazing to me how much my boys have grown and changed. Remember when little Mr. Mason wouldn't go near the water? This year he stills show reserve, but he has plunged into swimming lessons.

Also, isn't he cute in these goggles?

See, I told you. No genius writing happening here.


Claudia said...

Why do you need to be creative in the summer? Isn't that one of the joys--there are pools to swim in and plants to grow and bugs to find and warm weather to bask in?

Claudia said...

And yes, he IS cute in his goggles!