Monday, August 31, 2009

I'm So Hungry, I Mean Sleepy

I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes when I'm really sleepy I think I'm hungry. And sometimes when my mom gives me a gigantic blueberry bagel I start eating it, but I fall asleep in the middle of the bite. Because it's hard work, eating those things. And sometimes, I wake up and just keep on chewing. It's best to pick up where you left off. Even if you left off yesterday.


Glenda said...

Decades ago our technology was practically non existent, so I couldn't have posted this blog, but if I could have I would have had a picture of your mom, Mason, eating a hamburger in her high chair and every time her head with bob (because she was falling asleep) her lips would touch her burger and she would take a bite, then her head would bob back and she would sleep for awhile, until the process started over and over again. She didn't ever finish the burger before her head finally hit the high chair tray for good.

laurel said...

So cute, Mason. I get tired when I eat too. Okay it is usually when I eat to much. And I love the story about your mom eating a hamburger.

Claudia said...

I wish I could see that on video, too! And Mason, I sometimes confuse hunger with sleep too. Can't say that I've fallen asleep with a yummy bagel in my hand, but I have gone to sleep instead of eating...does that count?