Monday, August 17, 2009

A Little Competition

Don't even ask me where they get it. But my boys are competitive. True story. If I want them to do anything I have to make it a race.

Who's going to brush their teeth first?

Who's going to put their seat belt on first?

Who's going to pick up the LEGOs first?

Turns out, there is a race that no one at my house wants to win. The Who Is Going To Fall Asleep First Race is a bust. Those words actually dropped off my lips and directly on the floor. Then crickets started chirping. No one, and I mean no one moved a muscle toward getting in bed. Which is also the reason why my children stayed up until midnight every night we were in Idaho. Which is also why they hate me now. We have a new bedtime, 8 p.m.

PHOTO NOTE: How cute is that handmade quilt? I'm a sucker for soft and flimsy gingham.


laurel said...

So sweet. Love the quilt! Great colors.

Angenette said...

8 pm? Do they fall for it? Is it working?