Friday, August 28, 2009

I'll Take That as a Compliment

The job of mother is one full of buttering up but little genuine ovation. Just the other night when we were in a rush to clean up just enough to be seen in public I was reminded of the foremost rule of fishing for compliments. I made the mistake of asking my son if my hair looked stupid, or if it looked like I had cancer.

I'm not sure why I phrased it this way? I'm also not sure why I asked a 4-year-old his opinion (about my hair). But I did. And here is his reply.

A flat but indisputable, "Like cancer."

And with that, I asked him to take my picture... so I would remember what cancer looks like, of course. Oh, and the true reason, so I would remember that I shouldn't ask questions like that.

PS -- Directly after this cancer compliment I thought I should get my hair cut. Now it looks like Sarah Palin. Politics aside I can't think of a worse haircut for me. So, I'm not leaving the house for at least 6 months.


Anita said...

Well if you want an opinion from a thirty, uhm, 'something' year old....I think you look pretty. And as always, love the earings.

laurel said...

You are always stunning. I too have learned don't ask kids. THey are brutel.

Glenda said...

Like I have always said about you, since doing your first set of braids or your "side"pony tail, you have one of those faces that doesn't even need hair. PS - learn early, don't ask your kids for their opinion!