Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunny Salutations, Summer is Slipping Away

With any luck we'll be going to the neighborhood pool until October. But, it's highly likely that this past weekend marked the end of our poolside adventures for the year. Sniff sniff.

This has been a sun-drenched summer. I have thoroughly enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom this year. Last year was the year of the museum. This year was the year of the pool. Sadly it was not the year of rockin' my swimsuit, but that's another post.

The markers of the end of season were pretty obvious. More than half of the pool's lounge chairs were locked away. They didn't even look trapped with little sad faces saying "Let us out." They looked tired, worn out, and relieved to be set aside for next year.

The water, usually refreshing on the hot days, was mildly exhilarating but mostly down-right cold. Like teeth chattering cold. We even stayed until the pool closed for the evening. As soon as that sun hit the horizon and the countdown to sunset began everyone jumped out of the pool complaining of the chill.

Why am I so sad to see the end of the season? The pool represents a milestone in our lives. Both boys are getting more and more comfortable in the water. Each has overcome little fears. And I especially have started to trust their abilities. Swimming lessons will continue through the fall and winter -- but not at our community outdoor pool. That party is almost over. For this year, anyway. And frankly, I'm a little sad.

Dear museum, you can expect to see us, soon.


laurel said...

I am sad too that summer is over. I am so glad you enjoyed the water. The boys are so cute. We went to the new water park here last week. We had so much fun!

Claudia said...

That pool looks incredible. I would be sad to see the end of summer too, with a pool like that!