Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cootie Factor

As age dictates, our Cooper is obsessed with coming to the bottom of the cootie mystery. When he tells me that girls have cooties I generally tell him that girls get cooties from boys. Then he'll tell me that he has cooties, so he better not talk to any girls. So I tell him that girls don't mind cooties. (I like mind games, oh you probably knew that about me.) None the less, he's not keen on girls as of late, which proved for several funny moments at a birthday party he attended a few weekends ago.

Coop may not like the girls, but the girls like him. Sitting in the grass waiting for the next party game he found himself surrounded by girls. I watched as one spunky little thing plunked herself next to him and then sidled up a little closer. He glared at her and then slowly and deliberately slid his mask over his eyes (they all had masks, see photo). Then he looked away. His meaning was clear without his uttering a single word. "Don't. Touch. Me."

In another game Cooper found himself running a race against a girl. When he looked over and laid eyes on the competition his leisurely lope turned into a blazing sprint for the finish line. Silly boy, they always catch up. He'll learn.

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