Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Foreman Cooper Under the Tree

People, we have a problem. Our family -- or quite specifically I -- got a wild hair a few years ago and bought a fake, pre-lit Christmas tree. That first year it was just plain pretty. I loved it, all sparkly and stuff. Now I've noticed a few problems.

1) Some of the lights don't light anymore
2) It looks like it lives 11/12vths of the year in a box

But never fear, we have Foreman Cooper to assist us in any fearful tree troubleshooting. Namely, as we were assembling the tree (no, it is not turned on, nor is it decorated) and assessing the damage that only storage can ravage, he sidled next to Steve and me under the tree and said, "What's seems to be the problem, guys?"

Can you stand it? He is so helpful. But seriously, what does seem to be the problem and someone please tell me how to fix it.

PS -- Spending hours with your head in a tree will give you such a case of static cling.


grandma GiGI said...

What a boy! You better watch out for him...he'll soon be smarter than his parents. I have the receipe you spoke of, it originated from Jay's grandmother in Texas..of course it's too late's Thanksgiving! Have a great one.

laurel said...

Love the hair! Coop could come to our house on Sat. We will have the very same problem here too!

jessieg said...

Your boys crack me up. I love the way you write about them. You have to be the funnest (yes, I did say that) mom ever. Good luck on the tree.

lynnie said...

I've said this a million times ---- Kid's this age are always a laugh a minute !