Monday, November 3, 2008


We recently hosted Cooper's first friend-sleepover. It was SO fun. I'm serious. I was having as much fun as Cooper. But one thing I noticed is that our vintage toys were THE most popular. We have a set of Duplo blocks that are a heap of garage sale finds and donations (from my neighbor's mom). With them the boys can create an entire city with a train (and working train), an airport with a control tower and jumbo jet, and an ambulance. Add to that the new Duplo we have and it's a mega fun playdate. I've decided to keep my eyes out for more vintage Duplo. It genuinely is the best.

One of my favorite features of the vintage blocks is that one of them has a sticker on it to resemble an old fashioned phone booth. Cooper calls it the phone fort.

PHOTO NOTE: What the boys made during the slumber party and a picture of Mason with "da jet."


Anita said...

I showed this to Jake and he was really excited to tell me all about it.

laurel said...

I have found myself buying vintage toys just for the feelings the bring up.