Saturday, November 1, 2008

No. 1 Spectator

The plight of the younger sibling is one of hand-me-downs, exhausted parents, and spectatorial vocation. Mason has accepted this role better than can be expected.

Sidelined during Coop's soccer games:

Inside looking out during the leaf blowing incident:

In the shadows at the pumpkin carving party:

Watching the kids take a spin on the carousel at the zoo:
Coop's swimming session will be over when?????


miniaturequilter said...

He is soooo cute, and he looks calm! If only my little one could sit quietly!

Rachel said...

Oh, what a good little sport!

Claudia said...

He's such a trooper!

Elle said...

Awwww... At Vaughn's 18M checkup, the doc & I talked about how Vaughn isn't saying nearly as many words at this age compared to his sister and she explained that this is typical, as their older siblings tend to speak for them and that they just don't get as much attention. Poor dears.

laurel said...

That is kinda sad, but knowing Mason, he likes being on the sideline and probably chose it. He really seems to be independant and likes being on his own. That is a very good thing. He is so cute!