Thursday, November 20, 2008


My mother tells a story of me as a child. I don't remember it exactly, but the relevant details are as follows. Not sure how old I was but my realm of experience didn't yet include watermelon. As the story goes on a trip to my great-grandmother's house I saw a big 'ol watermelon on the kitchen counter. In awe I exclaimed something to the effect of, "Would you look at the size of that pickle!?!?"

There are a million ways you can laugh about this. First that I'd never encountered a watermelon, or so remembered and recognized one. Then the double entendre of confirming the size of something so phallic. And lastly, and not at all funny nor obvious, I can't even eat watermelon on account of an allergy. Due to this allergy of watermelon I have adopted the humble cucumber (the raw ingredient of pickles) as my substitute watermelon. Huh?

Here's the deal, when you can't eat something and it's been so long that you can't remember what it tastes like your mind begins to play tricks on you. Eventually you decide that another unrelated food-- that you can have -- tastes like the food that you can't have. The substitute watermelon.

I told Cooper this story as I served him a gigantic cucumber and he found it really amusing... as shown here.


grandma GiGI said...

I used to get an itchy mouth and throat when I ate watermelon and cantaloupe but NOW that I'm older I can eat it! Just look what you can look forward to.

laurel said...

You are a great mom!