Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The BIG Payoff

I helped set a goal this past year. I felt that hit was a stretch but realistic. I asked that he improve his counting. I honestly thought it would take him somewhere in the neighborhood of a year. Guess what, he did it less than 60 days. So, we bought a really big LEGO thingy.

Here, than, is the question. If you only have to count to 100 (the original goal) why does it take a master's degree to put thedang thing together? Steve and I worked together -- furiously -- and finished it in about four hours.

This was a good exercise for us, however. We learned something about the orchestration of Christmas. Very valuable.

PS -- The comment of the day was when we were at the store, perusing the aisles Cooper asked, "Now, do I have to share this?"


Glenda said...

Wow...Cooper, congratulations on reaching your goal! Maybe if the payoff were as big, I might do a better job reaching some of my goals.

Anita said...

THAT is impressive.

Claudia said...

My brother was a lover of all things Lego, and I usually was the first to put the things together for him...just takes a lot of practice and patience. Congrats on the goal, Cooper!

bman said...

congrates steve on finally learning to count to 100. I'm glad you learned to share with Coop and let him play with the Legos.