Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November Rocks

We should all adore November's fabulous balance of crisp air and warm sun. Our family finds it easier to entertain itself with the activities that we are truly fond of. It pleases me to walk behind my boys and watch them wobble (either on bike or foot) down the sidewalk toward a delightfully crunchy pile of leaves that has collected in the void of a retaining wall, or especially large frost-heaving sidewalks. We dote on the hangers-on of summer, a browned rose or frost tinged poppy.

Drinking it in and eating it up we wander along past old places and toward familiar haunts, our very favorite is the community library. It's more than having a good time. It is simply loving what we have and luxuriating in the idea that it will continue to be ours for just a little longer.
Today our county voted on a measure that -- if it were to pass -- would close the library that is just a few blocks away from our front porch to make way for a bigger one that is much farther away. While we're still waiting the final results, there is hope that our little library might be saved for a few more years. Keep your fingers crossed.

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bman said...

I love your library. Some of my favorite moments with the kids have happened there. Hope you keep it.