Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Halloween for Infinity and Beyond

The main difference between adults and children is that adults permit the rest of the world to see their alter egos just one day a year -- Halloween. (Perhaps one other time or two under the influence.) This brings about some scary phenomena during October. Namely that women tend to dress like vulgar promiscuous sexpots who flout the goods, and men tend to dress like women. Walking the costume aisle for adult women goes something like this... slutty nurse, sexy kitten, hot cop, trampy vampire, prematurely mature cheerleader, tart tigress, saucy prisoner... you get the idea.

Children, on the other hand, let it all hang out EVERY day of the year. Especially my children. So, imagine my joy when I found some costumes at Target for 75-percent off the original price. At the post-Halloween clearance we found an adorable Buzz Lightyear costume for Mason. By adorable I actually mean a cheap, poorly made, looks nothing like Buzz, polyester jumpsuit that he LOVES. He has worn it ever since and is wearing it now.

We also picked up something for Coop -- and that's a BIG surprise. But let me just say I found the party idea to top his cooking party.


Glenda said...

MSN you make the best Buzz lightyear ever. I would follow you anywhere.

laurel said...

He is so cute. I would go to infinity and beyond to be with him.