Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A Blanket for Bug

Finally, finally, finally… I have made a baby blanket for my baby. Oh, that’s right, he’s 2 ½! I feel kinda bad about this. Primarily because Cooper has actually been carrying around the cut of fabric and pretending it’s a blanket.

It’s a kit. Yikes, I said it. I vowed I would never do a quilt kit. I thought they were really stupid. But, turns out I should not take vows I don’t know anything about. It was a kit, however, I added my flare to it [and saying this makes me feel better about having done a quilt kit]. It was supposed to be a circular, padded quiet book – according to the kit – and I made it into a quilt. Ha, ha!

The fabric was super cheap at the local Hobby Lobby and I’ve had it around for about 5 months or so. The binding was not what I intended and when I started putting it together I realized I couldn’t make myself use the coordinating fabric for the quilt top. So, I evened out the cheese factor with some flour sack reproduction fabric I’ve been saving for a special occasion. Why save?!!?!? Every occasion to get out the sewing machine is special.

The flour sack piece is actually a nice match and does balance out the cute kid factor. The back is out of the coordinating fabric, which you can see from the photo is a bit feminine. David Kirk – the fabric designer/children’s book author – is definitely in touch with his inner pink bow. The binding is lime green. It actually has little undulating lines of music notes and bumblebees. But, bindings are so small you can’t see them. The music notes now look like errant threads that I forgot to cut.

I have to say; this is my first quilt to have been sewn the “right way.” I didn’t cut any corners and I did everything as it should be done. The real reason I’m telling all ya’ll about all this… is to make an announcement…

Drum roll, please…

Look out fabric, I’m back!
[photo note: Yes, Cooper is trying to "vana white" thus his funky hands and THANKS to Carole and Clair for the fun spider clothes. They fit perfectly!]

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