Friday, July 20, 2007

A Little Culture Never Hurt Anyone

… And today our a la carte lunch specials are…
dill pickle
corn chips dipped in cultured sour cream
fresh cherries in 7UP

So, letting Cooper pick his own lunch menu is a bit interesting. I’m not kidding; he made up this lunch. He ate so much sour cream (that was a new container) that it flubbed up my dinner plans just a teensy-weensy bit. But I forged ahead with Spaghetti Pie anyway (pp. 156, Best of Cooking Light). The boys gobbled up the spag pie – no surprise there – and we still have a little leftover for lunch tomorrow.

Also, after bragging about how big Mason has grown I was excited to try new shorts on him this morning (pictured). Apparently I got a bit big for my britches because these are 6-9 months size and they are still huge. Ah well, at least we’re out of the 0-3 months size.

You’ll also be happy to hear that I’ve finished printing out pictures for months 8 and 9 of Cooper’s baby book. Yes, I’m that far behind. I’m committing to 1 “paper” project followed by 1 “fabric” project from now on. Can’t neglect all those stinky pictures.

PS -- I rated the Spag Pie a 9 for taste and ease of preparation. Also, really cheap to prepare and most of the ingredients you'll have on hand.

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