Thursday, July 5, 2007

To Devin: A Lesson Learned from Feet

Happy Birthday from your older sister. Just wanted to share with you some sage words of advice on your big day...

Have you ever looked at your feet? I mean really looked at ‘em. I look at my feet a lot. I love getting and even giving myself pedicures. I think my feet look good enough to wear flip flops almost year round. But, I feel that my left foot is much cuter than my right foot. They are a basic pair, almost identical in every way. But the left, it looks more relaxed, healthier, and doesn’t have the same road wounds as the right. My pedicure always lasts longer on the left foot – no chips, breaks, or tears. The right foot, well the right foot looks stressed, tired, and like a blue-collar foot. (No offense to blue-collar jobs.)

I am right-handed. By virtue of how physical dominance tends to work, my right foot is stronger and I use it first whenever I have to do a foot-like job – stop a door from slamming the toddler’s fingers, catch myself from falling over a toddler’s trucks, and kicking my toddler in the butt. (Actually, I’ve never kicked my toddler in the butt.)

The lesson I’ve learned from my feet? Be the left foot. Take it easy, be beautiful, and forget about being dominant (i.e., better than the left foot). Don’t “hang on” too tight. If you’re flip-flop is going to fall off, let it. Otherwise, you’ll eventually get a corn. And you know what? No one likes a corn.

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