Sunday, July 29, 2007

No Luck On I15

We were hoping for better road warrior luck as we ventured onto I15 toward Idaho Falls. But an easy drive was not in our cards.

It started out easy enough. But at West Haven, UT the freeway was closed. Bummer.
Enter further complaint about road signs. Would you believe there was not one detour sign to guide me back toward the freeway?!?!
I called my parents for a little onstar assistance. Found an alternate route that met up with the freeway at Brigham City.
Not seven minutes later Cooper got my attention and asked me to wipe his face. When I looked in the review mirror I was shocked to find that his sweet little face was covered in blood!
As I wasn't sure of the source or cause of source... I jumped off the freeway at Tremonton. Found I needed to stop a bloody nose. The temp outside was at least 95 and the road was frying my legs. In my haste to get out of the car, I dropped my phone on the pavement.
Coop is OK... And my phone has seen better days.
We made it to I.F. and have taken a thorough tour of my parents' new house. Coop went all around the neighborhood checking out the various tractors. He even rode the lawn mower.
We'll post pictures tomorrow.

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