Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wear 'Em Out!

Today we got out of the house. It was a much needed break from all our worries. In keeping with tradition, I let Cooper pick the activity. You'll never guess... the museum!
Of course he picked the museum. He had a really great time today and Mason was more excited about the museum than I have ever seen him. Following our escapades in the museum we walked out to the City Park fountains. These are large fountains that spray from the ground, much like the fountains in Gateway.
It took Coop a few minutes to get into it. But once he saw Mason enjoying the spray from the outskirts, he had to show him up. He dove right in and from there ran circles around the entire fountain. I bet he ran that fountain at least 47 times. I'm not even kidding.
He promptly fell asleep in the car -- which made for a nice relaxing, quiet drive home (about 40 minutes).

PHOTO NOTE: pictures of Cooper as a wedding guest (as this was a pick in the survey voting). He was a perfect gentleman at the party. Told his teacher (the mother of the bride) that she looked "very nice" and then marched himself straight to the refreshment table in the back yard. He's pictured in his wedding clothes and playing with one of the other wedding guests, his friend Jack.

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