Saturday, July 14, 2007

Crazy Conversations with Cooper

OK. I have to share two conversations that I had with Cooper today. One is a perfect replica of a conversation that I have with Cooper ALL the time. The other is so bizarre that Steve and I are still laughing.

Conversation no. 1:

Coop: Where’d is him?
Mom [in effort to clarify]: Where is he?
Coop: I don’t know.

It’s our take on Abbott and Costello’s, “Who’s on first?” He clearly thinks I’m being non-responsive, and I’m just trying to make sure I understand what he is asking. Likewise I’d like for him to hear the proper way to pose the question.

Conversation no. 2:

While lying on the floor with the boys, Cooper curiously lifted up a corner of my short-sleeved shirt.

Mom: Why are you looking at my armpit?
Coop: There’s poop in there.
Mom: !!! what !?!?!?
Coop: There’s poop in. you. armpit.

OK. We’re still wondering what he was looking for, what he spotted, or how he came to this conclusion.

PS – There is no poop in my armpit.

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