Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Lunch Date

Today I've been contemplating our family. The people – be it friends or relatives – that are our family, and the ways we show our love to those who love us. Today is Tuesday. For part of our family this is a day for pensive hearts as we support Austin during a medical procedure. We wish him all the love, warm wishes, and very good luck we can muster. We’re also thinking of his family – close and distant, near and far, age-old ties and newly discovered.

And… as it is Tuesday, our family also is doing what we try to do every Tuesday when our daddy is in town. Cooper walks down the road to his preschool and stays for a few hours while I get all my chores done. Then Steve, Mason, and I go to lunch. It’s a quaint little lunch. Nothing fancy.

These lunch dates and other times like it are when I love to watch my husband. He’s a fantastic dad. When he is home, he always makes up for all the time he is away. When he is away, he calls and e-mails us every chance he gets with anticipation to see us. The boys just adore him and work so hard for his attention. Good thing they get undivided consideration or this place would be a three-ring circus of, “Watch me daddy!”

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