Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Here Fishy, Fishy, and Muskrat, and Birds, and...

If you're beginning to think I'm running a campaign to get you all to go to Island Park and nearby Yellowstone -- you're right. Here are some more fun pictures of an adventure to Big Springs.

Once you cross the bridge at Big Springs, you can go on a nature hike. It's actually paved, so very nice stroll for little legs like Coop.
From the bridge you can toss bread to the fish. But on the morning we went the birds were scaring all the fish away. We did see two muskrats and a family of new ducks.
Cross birds.
OMG... why didn't I wear a hat! Seriously my bangs are cuter than this. But getting ready at the cabin is a little like getting ready in a tent. Next time, bring my own hair dryer!
Cooper's favorite part of the nature walk, identifying various poop.
GoGo's job on the nature walk, redirecting Cooper's interest in poop toward the animals that made it.

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