Thursday, July 19, 2007

Salad Nicoise, 1st attempt

If you have the Best of Cooking Light cookbook (and I know most of the family does) you can try this recipe. It's the Salad Nicoise on page 257. I'd actually never tried or made a salad nicoise because I was too afraid to order it in restaurants on account of not being able to pronounce it. But finally figured it out, went grocery shopping, even found nicoise olives, and attempted the Cooking Light version tonight.

I would say the salad is a 7 or an 8 and the dressing featured in the cookbook is at best a 3 (out of 10). So, I'd like to make this salad again, this time with a better dressing. If you know of any good nicoise recipes that I should try... just give me a shout.

Mason was a fan of the parts of the salad. Ate everything from the potatoes (shown here) to the green beans and egg yolks. Cooper, not so much, ate only the nicoise olives. Steve wasn't even home.

PS -- Mason started doing something really, really funny today. He waves to his food. I'm not kidding. Not sure if he's greeting it... something like, "I've got you where I want you and now I'm going to eat you." Or if he's bidding farewell, "Well, it was nice knowing ya, and now I'm going to eat you."

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